Third World White Man

2 October
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Third World White Man is a journal about what I call "cultural AQ," or the desire/ability of a person to be culturally acquisitive; that is, willing & able to adopt practices and experiences from cultures that are different from his/her own, for reasons that benefit the individual spiritually or emotionally.

This has to go beyond the occasional "exotic" vacation, or trip to the local ethnic restaurant. Developing cultural AQ means getting involved with people from another culture long enough to understand and care for them. It means allowing their culture to change you, for the better. Peace Corps is the best example I can think of, but sometimes the other culture can be right in your own backyard.

As a man blessed to have family and friends in all the world's hemispheres, I can attest to the strengthening of my own outlook, soul, and spirit by those from elsewhere who have allowed me in. Cultural AQ has been the key to my own happiness and peace of mind.

I pray that the same will happen to you.